The Northampton County Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that has been influencing progress on the Eastern Shore of Virginia since 1967. We started as the Cape Charles Chamber of Commerce in the mid 1930's to help support each others businesses and stimulate the local economy. The Chamber was all volunteer until 2004 and because of the growth, decided to move into the County. We have over 250 members and we are growing rapidly.

  • We seek to develop awareness of Northampton County and its opportunities as well as its challenges.
  • We continue to build a network of informed, concerned citizens who can help guide the future course and growth of our communities.
  • We strengthen leadership abilities by interacting with, investing in and learning from other leaders.
  • We are here to educate and motivate leaders toward greater involvement and impact in our communities.

The Chamber helps to shape the environment in which you want to live and work.

Board of Directors

Nathan Higgins
Cape Charles Animal Hospital
22491 Lankford Highway, Suite B
Cape Charles, VA 23310
Phone: (757) 695-8378

Vice President
Ursula Deitch
Virginia Cooperative Extension, Northampton County
7247 Young Street, Suite A
Machipongo, VA 23405
Phone: (757) 678-7946

Debbie Cooley
Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
32386 Lankford Highway
Cape Charles, VA 23310
Phone: (757) 331-2960

Ralph Dodd
Ralph W. Dodd & Associates
16464 Courthouse Rd.
Eastville, VA 23347
Phone: (757) 678-5377

Past President
Josh Lattimore
Northampton Lumber Company
7409 Railroad Street
Nassawadox VA 23413
Phone: (757) 442-6137

Chamber Staff
Executive Director
Laura Dodson
Northampton County Chamber of Commerce
16404 Courthouse Road, Suite 210
Eastville, VA 23347

Phone: (757) 678-0010

At - Large Directors

Wayne Bell

Therapeutic Interventions
26086 Lankford Highway, Suite 308
Belle Haven, VA 23306
Phone: (757) 442-6147

Dr. Charles King
Northampton County Public Schools
16041 Courthouse Road
Eastville, VA 23347
Phone: (757) 678-5151

Benjamin Lewis
Browder-Hite Landscaping Professionals
36274 LeCato Road, Suite 21-B
Belle Haven, VA 23306
Phone: (757) 442-5296

John Pavlik
Northampton County: JIDA Board
Phone: (757) 678-2305

Mary Mears
32383 Lankford Highway
Cape Charles, VA 23310
Phone: (757) 331-1660

Chassity Parks
4017 Lankford Hwy
Exmore, VA 23350
Phone: (757) 442-6152

Board Committee Chairs
Government Relations
J.T. Holland
J.T. Holland State Farm Insurance
10219 Rogers Dr.
Nassawadox, VA 23413
Phone: (757) 442-6100

Fundraising and Events
Phil Custis
Maplewood Gardens
6118 Seaside Rd.
Nassawadox, VA 23413
Phone: (757) 442-7981

By-Right Members

Jay Diem
A&N Electric Cooperative
21275 Cooperative Way
Tasley, VA 23441
Phone: (757)787-9750

Linda Buskey
Bay Creek
3335 Stone Road
Cape Charles, VA 23310
Phone: (757) 331-8742

Debbie Cooley
Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
32386 Lankford Highway
Cape Charles, VA 23310
Phone: (757) 331-2960

Kandy Bruno
Eastern Shore Rural Health
20280 Market Street
Onancock, VA 23417
Phone: (757) 414-0400

Taylor Dukes
Town of Exmore
P.O.Box 647
Exmore, VA 23350
Phone: (757) 442-3114

Andy Buchholz
Town of Cape Charles
2 Plum Street
​Cape Charles, VA 23310
Phone: (757) 331-3259

Megan Lawson
New Ravenna
3268 Broad Street
Exmore, VA 23350
Phone: (757) 442-3379

Elizabeth Webb
New Ravenna
3268 Broad Street
Exmore, VA 23350
Phone: (757) 442-3379

Caitlyn Hart
Cherrystone Campground
1511 Townfield Dr
Cape Charles, VA 23310
Phone: (757) 331-3063

Chamber Benefits

How can the Northampton County Chamber of Commerce help you?

State of the Schools Breakfast
The State of the Schools breakfast is a joint effort with the Northampton County Education Foundation, Northampton County Public Schools and Chamber businesses. This program is to help brain storm ideas for businesses to be able to help high school students better. It is a wonderful tool for the community to work together.

Northampton Agricultural County Fair
In conjunction with the Young Farmers of the Eastern Shore Farm Bureau and the Northampton Cooperative Extension, the Chamber helps educate kids and adults of all ages about the largest producers in the County.

Northampton High School Mentoring Program
As a Chamber member you have the opportunity to help the youth of the County grow with a shadowing program. Students from the Career and Technology classes at Northampton High School are able to observe a local business owner to help them figure out what they would like to peruse career wise locally.

Festive Fridays
The Chamber aids the Cape Charles Business Association during their 5 Festive Fridays around the Holiday Season.

- Rack cards display in the Northampton County Building and Rayfields
Pharmacy in Cape Charles.
- Promotion on the Northampton County Chamber Facebook Page

12 FREE E-mail Blasts a Year

Promotion in the weekly "What are you doing this weekend?" e-mail blast.

Website presence: Importation to a potential visitor or a resident looking for
a local service.

Seminars with the Community College

The Regional Job Fair early admission

Events Calendar

Seminars to help business owners grow and learn about the newest technology

Member referrals

Networking opportunities

Ribbon Cuttings

Business After Hours/ Business Before Hours events

Endless seminar sessions with the Chamber's Executive Director working on your social
media platforms, online presence or store front appearance.

Table and chair rental ability at a discounted rate of $1 a chair and $3 a table.
Non-chamber members pay $3 a chair and $10 a table.

Job posting board and blast e-mail ability to post a vacant job.

You are able to purchase a list of the membership for mailing purposes.

We are here to help small businesses voice their concerns with local government.

Partners with:

  • Eastern Shore of Virginia Chamber of Commerce
  • Chincoteague Chamber of Commerce
  • Eastern Shore Community College
  • Cape Charles Business Association
  • Town of Cape Charles
  • Town of Cheriton
  • Town of Eastville
  • Town of Exmore
  • Town of Nassawodox
  • Eastern Shore of Virginia Tourism Commission
  • Virginia Tourism Commission
  • Virginia Economic Development Partnership
  • Small Business Development Center
  • Northampton County

Chamber members help Chamber members!